Great stories always fully engage us, the audience, in the totality of a whole instead of in the seams of how it was constructed. Being engaged in a story helps us feel more alive. It helps us learn, grow more compassionate, laugh, cry and empathize with others. At the very heart of Cut to Black, we are passionate storytellers. We love engaging audiences in something beyond themselves. For us, that means helping businesses create story-driven commercials and branded documentaries to tell the story of how they stand out.

Stories are the fabric that help us stay connected to one another. Nothing satisfies us more than capturing the full attention of an audience with a great narrative. Let us help you share your story.

The Studio

Our studio is equipped with multiple edit bays that are designed for staff and client comfort, with couches, an adjustable desk for the editor, and large client monitors.  Each bay has Adobe Premiere, Avid Media Composer, DaVinci Resolve and the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite.  Our suites are also connected to a shared storage network so your project is housed safely and can be accessed in any room in the facility.

We are conveniently located in the heart of Austin on South Lamar. Great restaurants, bars and coffee shops are all within walking distance.

Lee Rothenflue

Producer, Editor & Post Supervisor

Lee has over 20 years experience producing and post production of many different types of film and video projects, including feature films, documentaries and commercials. He has worked on films such at 12 Mighty Orphans, The Blazing World and Texas Cotton.  In addition to the film world, he’s worked with commercial clients like , Google, Red Bull, Charles Schwab, the Tiger Woods Foundation and PetSmart, among others. His attention to the specific needs of every project and creative ability helps projects finish on time, within budget, and beyond expectations.

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